Dear Gossips, 

Thank you for voting in the Gingerbread House Annual Cup yesterday! It was too close to call between “Toy Store” and “The Santa Express”. We had to wait until the very end of the 24 hour poll on Twitter just now before we could confirm the People’s Choice Winner by the closest margin since we started doing this online… 


Thanks so much for all your emails and tweets about the gingerbread creations and your enthusiasm about this annual tradition. We get super into it here. Yesterday there were accusations of sabotage flying around because of photo selection and placement, whether or not they biased you, the voters, and whether or not the descriptions swayed people in any way. So, basically, exactly the kind of Christmas spirit we need! Spicy! May we all be having this much fun the next few days with family and friends. 

A quick programming note about the next few days: we will be posting lightly today and then dark tomorrow, Christmas Day, and dark again on Boxing Day, December 26. Back to light posting on Friday.  And we do have a new episode of Show Your Work coming this afternoon if you need headphones and some audio to tune out the in-laws or your annoying cousin. 

From our family at, we send each and every one of you the best of the season.
Wishing you joy, health, peace, and love. 

Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy EVERYTHING!

Yours in gossip,