Saoirse Ronan Cements Stardom

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Stupid “So, you’re Irish!” question of the night:

Guiliana Rancic told Saoirse Ronan that she heard that actually had trouble saying some ‘American’ words. Which made me roll my eyes, as per usual, but then of course, Saoirse Ronan is somehow able to make the anecdote charming, talking about how ‘Sacramentoans’ – she was careful not to make a blanket statement about ‘Americans’ – say ‘perfickt’ for perfect, and how hard it was for her to get her mouth around it. 

Summation: Saoirse Ronan can make anything charming. 

~Feature Presentation~

Talking About Yourself Is Weird Even For Actors…

Am I the only one who liked the ‘summation of films nominated for best picture’ bits better when the people introducing them weren’t the ones in the movies? I get the logic – they’re the ones who know this movie best – but it’s a bit awkward  to put any superlatives in their mouths, isn’t it? “It’s funny, heartwarming, spectacular… all because of us!”

But even in this situation Saoirse Ronan is easy and charming and so watchable. It could be a bit of projection on my part but I have felt like Laurie Metcalf has been a little perpetually startled throughout this awards season, and in a little art-imitates-life, her onscreen daughter is standing there, not just proud and comfortable, but really, really working her dress that was made to be seen while she was standing up. Am I a stan at this point? I could be wrong but I really feel like this season is the moment Ronan arrived. Ironically, once she proved to everyone that she isn’t just an Irish girl. 

~Bonus Round~

Look How Fun It Is When Your Favourite Wins

I know all the actors practice their “I didn’t win” face, but I think there’s a difference between a ‘happy for someone else’ face and a full-on woot-woot fist pump. When Frances McDormand wins, she doesn’t just clap, she gets rowdy.

You can see part of that reaction here.

Maybe she knew there was going to be a pitch to reward some of the ‘young ones’ with ‘doorstops’? Or maybe she’s just awesome. 

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