I have come to love a pre-bloused dress. I don’t think, 10 years ago, I would have considered it. But I love it now and have learned to appreciate that it’s a tricky design feature that, when done well, and it’s done very, very well here, is a wonderful example of construction and tailoring. Saoirse looks amazing in this dress. And comfortable. Because, see?, the dress is doing so much of the work for her – it was built to. 

There’s something throwbacky about the pre-bloused shape too that’s really flattering on Saoirse right now. And, I think, deliberate. She plays a teenager in Lady Bird. The way she’s been styled lately though during award season, there’s nothing teenage about it. This is why I respect what fashion and style can do for a brand, for a strategy. You don’t want to go up in the Best Actress category against Frances McDormand and the Meryl Streep and even Margot Robbie, who, as Duana and I have discussed often on Show Your Work has never seemed girly, looking like the amateur while repping a performance in which you also play someone so young. And, of course, there are her future roles and image-making for the work to come. 

Really into the dark lip on her too.