I love a slinky turtleneck dress. But it’s tricky. A turtleneck can pull. And depending on the material, all that pulling can look weird in the light. 

Saoirse Ronan’s is white. And despite some fit issues, which you can clearly see, it’s a strong look. It’s a strong Hollywood look. A slinky white Hollywood gown is a movie star classic. Back in the day of course it would have been open at the chest with lots of cleavage competing with diamonds. And some kind of fur draped around the shoulders. 

Is this a modernization? An update? I mean it’s not like the white slinky breast dress is ever going to be retired. Mariah Carey will keep it in business for as long as she can. This, then, on Saoirse, is an option. If the Marilyn thing isn’t your thing.


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