Dear Gossips,

As Sarah mentioned the other day, even though she’s not into musicals, or live action remakes, she lives for The Little Mermaid and is completely invested in the movie. So she has firmly planted her flag here at this site on everything Little Mermaid. When news broke yesterday that Halle Bailey has been cast as Ariel, I wrote to her asking if she’d like to post about it for today, even though it’s a holiday for her in the US. It was her call – and of course she wanted it, like immediately. Not even the Fourth of July could hold her back from the assignment. 

Shortly after, here comes Duana. So I told her, yeah, no, Sarah is squatting on Ariel and everything Little Mermaid. Duana’s response, “UM. She hates musicals”. Well she doesn’t hate this one, and like a sh-t stirring asshole, I then shared with Sarah that Duana was trying to usurp her and Sarah got real territorial and Duana claimed she could “recite that movie from memory” even though Sarah has already written that she knows all the words to all the songs and now they’re in a fight. It’s an Ariel-off. The winner: ME. I never knew I needed two people I adore to tug-of-war over The Little Mermaid but I’m hoping I can turn it into a TV show. Sarah’s post about Ariel and Halle Bailey is coming up this morning. Duana will be reading it in a huff. 

Happy Fourth of July, America! 

Yours in gossip,