I’m surprised by how much I love this dress, this whole look. The more I look at it, the more I love it. It’s so cute. It’s so pretty. It’s so unapologectically feminine. Also, here’s a way to use taffeta that actually works. Which is to limit it. Never full-body. 

This dress is probably really comfortable too with the tank on top opening up to the skirt that’s constructed like it’s a flower. I wish we could see how it moves, if it swings around, because it doesn’t look restrictive, it looks like it hangs without losing its shape. And at first I was put off by the hosiery but if you take a closer look, the tights are spotted, which is an excellent style choice, adding a touch of sweetness to the outfit without going into super twee territory. 

And you know what would give this another dimension? Imagine a leather jacket on top, cropped, like moto. Right? Or even a denim jacket, with Converse on the bottom. A dress like this is a great investment.