Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth were photographed in New York yesterday shooting scenes for And Just Like That. The paps describe this as a “romantic” moment, and it looks that way with Carrie wrapping her arms around Big while wearing a very Carrie outfit – so Carrie that, to me at least, you could mistake it for a scene from one of the previous movies. It has the same energy as a few of her looks from the second movie. Like you know when she was swinging around the Eiffel Tower purse? That’s the one that came to mind. 


Anyway, SJP has been filmed several times kissing new cast member Jon Tenney and several times with Chris. So something, obviously, is going on with that marriage. We’re now in mid-November and HBO Max has said that the series will debut in December. They haven’t yet confirmed exactly when in December, so it could be near the end, but this feels similar to a network television shoot schedule and not typical for an HBO show. 

Like if they’re really hoping to make a December premiere date, even if it’s late December, the first few episodes, at least, will have had to be in post by now. And if they’re still shooting, it’ll mean they’ll still be editing the later episodes by the time the first episodes air. Game of Thrones did this for the final season too (editing later episodes after the season premiere) but they’d wrapped filming nine months before the first episode aired. And Just Like That doesn’t require the special effects of GoT, of course, but we’re still running out of real estate. Or, maybe, more and more television series will operate on these kinds of timelines – which is actually what they do in Korea. Most of the Korean drama series are still in production when they start airing. A standard Korean series is 16 episodes, and they’ll have six or seven of them in the can by the premiere, but by week 10, they work on a two or three week lead, meaning that when the final episode airs, episode 16, for example, they’ll only have wrapped on it two or three weeks before, max. 

Not saying this is what And Just Like That is doing but, again, it’s coming out soon. And we’re coming up on American Thanksgiving, and a general slowdown for a holidays. I’m so curious about this post-production schedule and whether or not we’re going to see the equivalent of a coffee cup in one of the shots