Sarah Jessica Parker is on the set of And Just Like That and she’s wearing tulle. Carrie Bradshaw + tulle is a signature image from Sex and the City, most of us know it without description, so seeing SJP as Carrie in tulle, this time white, is probably going to a moment on the show, right? Or maybe it isn’t. She’s wearing it with a striped sweater and booties, which I’m into but at the same time, I wouldn’t say it’s a traffic-stopper and not just because of a bus going by. As I’ve been saying, fashion has moved beyond Sex and the City so I’m not sure how big of a character fashion will be in the new series. (Go Fug Yourself)  


The live action Cinderella movie, starring Camila Cabello, is coming out on Amazon on Friday. To promote the movie, Camila and the film’s other stars, like Billy Porter and Idina Menzel did a flash mob with James Corden in LA – in costume. At one point James supposedly took a hit off a blunt from a stranger in a car and this is a good time for our daily reminder: the pandemic isn’t over! (Dlisted)  

Al Roker has been doing this for a long time and he wants to keep doing it as long as he’s needed. If there’s a storm, Al will be there, bringing you the latest updates on it to the best of his ability. As someone who works in television, I can’t tell you how much I admire this. Because he’s dealing with the elements and the tech and he’s up on all the information so he can give the information and the wind is blowing and the water is coming down hard and there he is, as reliable as ever. (Pajiba)



What is the definition of being a British royal? Supposedly it’s “not royal” to guest-edit magazines featuring female change-makers. So is “cash for access” royal. Their rationale is that this is for charity. Still. It’s not exactly … elegant, to have people negotiating financial terms for face time with members of the British royal family – remember this is a family that is disdainful of any talk of money, period.   (Cele|bitchy)  

How do you feel about meatballs? I f-cking love a meatball – and I’m not just talking about the Italian kind. Meatballs are a part of so many other food cultures, and we may want to stop exclusively associating it with Italy. Chinese people, for example, eat meatballs at brunch, during dimsum. And with soup noodles. Vietnamese meatballs are delicious and are served over rice or vermicelli. I’m definitely going to try to make the Greek meatballs included on this list. Actually I think I’ll try them all. (Eater)