NO THANK YOU. Maybe this is a prank. Maybe this really happened. Did we neee to know about it? Did it need be shared? F-ck NO. Nobody needs this content. But I’m the bitch sharing it with you now because since I know about it, I want you to know about it.  And the reason is this: nothing scary can happen when we are together. Right? That’s how it is in scary movies right? Sticking together as a group, in community, blocks the evil? We are community. Online. (Dlisted) 
Ballers or Succession? Many people think Succession is the heir to Game of Thrones for HBO. It’s picking up a lot of momentum. The second season is SOOOO good. It’s already been nominated for Emmys, even though it hasn’t “come into its time yet”. Ballers, meanwhile, seems to be on the downswing. And yet. It’s The Rock. It almost feels wrong to go against The Rock. I feel like it goes against your credit score or something. (Pajiba) 
Some of the outfits for the Ballet gala in New York were more over-the-top than the Emmys. Sarah Jessica Parker turned it way up and it’s been years since she was an award show regular. Do you miss her on the award circuit red carpet? I always miss her and want to see her at the Met Gala. I don’t know if the same is true for award shows. (Go Fug Yourself)

Princess Beatrice’s fiancé was apparently a dick to his ex-fiancée and mother of his child. The timeline between the ex and Beatrice checks out...just barely. So there might be some stink on this one. No matter how much it might stink though, it can’t be any worse stink than, you know, being friends with a dude charged with raping girls and forcing them into sex trafficking so I doubt anyone is concerned. (Cele|bitchy) 
I’ve been in Houston the last couple of days and today we went to the Space Centre. I was in the OG Mission Control! Set up to look like it did 50 years ago on the day and night and the moon landing! Anyway, while I was touring and taking selfies and buying NASA merch, the geniuses at NASA were doing their jobs and monitoring a black hole shredding a star. Completely annihilating it. Anyway, I got a cool tank. (USA Today)