I chose to link to this post initially because of the outfit on SJP – I find it underwhelming, the kind of dress a plus one would wear to an award show, and not a dress for the Leading Lady of a play – but now I’m linking to it because I read the story and apparently she had to tell someone to stop filming during the performance…which… SJP is known for her manners, so I’m so curious what her tone was when she was admonishing that person and for f-ck’s sake, why are people still doing this?! (Go Fug Yourself)


Oh hi, me again. Old lady screaming at TikTok (while not being able to resist watching the amazingly entertaining dog and other animal TikTok videos) about what it’s doing to celebrity culture and gossip. This time… you’ve heard about the Selena Gomez is a time traveller thing? It’s so stupid, but this is what people are fixated on, and so, when it comes to gossip and understanding celebrity, and discerning between good gossip and bad gossip, is it any wonder that gossip is being corrupted?! (Teen Vogue)

Obviously it works for them but the relationship between Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart does not sound like fun, at least not to me. I hate being scared. At work, they keep trying to send me to haunted houses to shoot a segment and I always tell them, no, I won’t do it, and you don’t want me to do it because it will involve a lawsuit. I will attack whoever it is that scares me, I will commit violence, and you will be responsible. (Pajiba) 


Jessica Biel keeps talking about how much she loves to eat and drink in the shower and… well… to me the most reasonable explanation for this is because she has to have a moment to herself. Have ou read or watched Lessons In Chemistry? “Children, set the table, your mother needs a moment to herself” is how Elizabeth Zott ended every episode. And in Jessica’s home it could easily be, “Justin, set the table, your wife will be eating alone in the shower, away from you”. If he always make it about himself when he’s in public, imagine what he’s like in private?! (Cele|bitchy) 

I just heard about this today and I am disturbed! I am worried! This is Important! Big Bird is tiny! What is happening?! (Mashable)