Sarah Michelle Gellar is celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary with Freddie Prinze, Jr. by reminding Howard Stern he owes them cash money because he bet against their love in 2001, but SMG + FPJ have stuck it out. (DListed)


Lea Michele is no longer finding the humor in the online conspiracy theory that she can’t read or write. Is her Fanny Brice era going to be totally humorless? If so, count me out. (Popsugar)

Julianne Moore is the president of the Venice jury. Here she is, looking very presidential. (Go Fug Yourself)

Another 2000s couple flashback—Dominic Monaghan talked to Anna Faris about his breakup with Evangeline Lilly. He says he got his heart broken when he found out Lilly was cheating, but he also owns up to the role his addiction issues played in their breakup. I’ve always liked Monaghan for being pretty lowkey and just working and being generally cool, and he’s also got a great perspective on a difficult time in his life. (Celebitchy)


I’ve seen Elvis three times now (twice in theaters, once at home). It is growing on me like crazy, but I still have a couple fundamental issues with it, the biggest being Baz Luhrmann’s refusal to deal with the thornier side of Elvis Presley and his personal problems. Not everything was the Colonel’s fault! Elvis was kinda sh-tty sometimes all on his own! Another issue I still have—will always have—is Tom Hanks’ disastrous performance as Colonel Tom Parker. Here, A.A. Dowd digs into how stunt casting America’s most beloved uncle fails the film and Hanks’ own legacy as one of Hollywood’s classic good guys. 

But wait! There’s more! Because Elvis is imperfect but rich, there is no shortage of things to say about it, and Roxana Hadadi explores the connection between Elvis and Moulin Rouge!, both films that portray the artist as possession. This is where Elvis is at its best, in portraying the glittery traps and soul-crushing trades that come with success in an industry built on the commercialization of the self. These are great essays that show both sides of a surprisingly complicated film. (Vulture)