Sarah Paulson had always intended to wear Chanel yesterday but then it took on extra meaning:


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This is a FIND. It’s a two-piece from the 80s, with so much texture and dimension in the fabric, with such an interesting pattern, and that colour just pops – it’s an outfit that could belong to any era, something you’d see on the runway today or 40 years ago, or even 20 years before that. 

Of course Sarah would be the one to pull it off. At the perfect event too. Costume designers would understand this outfit, an outfit not for the MiniVan Majority. Of course she’d know to go with half-knot in her hair to perfectly complement the look. This is exactly the kind of runway-to-real-life edge that certain pieces require. And it’s why Margot Robbie has kinda disappointed in Chanel so far;  she doesn’t quite go with what the look demands. Sarah does though, reliably. And she’ll be presenting at the Oscars too. I trust the Karla-Sarah combination. It’s given us so much dress porn in the past. Definitely an arrival we’ll be waiting for on the carpet.