There are two of them because Sarah Paulson gave us two doses of style porn in two days. Let’s start with the Gucci dress she wore to the Game of Thrones premiere on Wednesday night which I’ve saved to today, because the moment I saw it I was like, yep, that’s the OOTW but now I’m googling it and it made most people’s “worst” list, WHAT? I don’t get it. Is it because it’s not body-con? That’s probably part of it. And all the detailing, from the bows to the sleeves to the feathers on the sleeves to the gold skirt but I’m feeling all of it. I’m feeling the black velvet up top, I’m feeling the Asian-inspired shaping of the silhouette that doesn’t travel into appropriation territory, and all the clashing details and colours come together in a way that is fresh and different and not like the same sh-t we keep seeing over and over again. Why do we want to see the same Elie Saab sh-t over and over again? 

Next – Sarah in a white dress with a red heart print and a red coat worn over her shoulders. This one will probably be less controversial but the design element that stands out to me is not the colour or even the pattern but the front tucking to create the two layers in the dress. Can we call this a “French bustle”? You normally see bustling happening at the back of a dress. I LOVE the look of it from the front. I wonder if we’ll start seeing more.