I don’t even need to ask you how your hands are doing because I know they are falling off the bone. All this handwashing and constant sanitizing has legit aged the skin on my hands by at least two decades. And I hate to break it to you, but the 20 second happy birthday hand washing protocol is here to stay forever.   


I’ve been rotating through a bunch of different soaps and sanitizers, but they all kind of suck so when I found Kanatan Health Solutions, a family owned and operated Indigenous business in Treaty 6 Territory that focuses on Indigenous-Specific PPE, I knew I had to try it out.   


The company launched last year after the global shortage of hand sanitizer. Remember all those dicks who hoarded sanitizer in their garages??!!! Yeah. Those Assholes. Anyway, this all-female-led company jumped into action to protect their elders who had no access to PPE and created an online shop with everything they would need. Something I didn’t know until I read up on this company is that a lot of First Nation Elders won't use alcohol-based solutions so that’s when the idea to formulate effective solutions that honored traditional medical protectors came to be.  


 All their hand soaps are triclosan free – this is one of the harsh chemicals that is the reason behind all of our cadaver hands.  So right off the bat, that's a win. I’m also a sucker for scents and their use of essential oils like cedar and sweetgrass is exactly the lingering smell I'm looking for. And of course, the company also makes medical-grade hand sanitizers using locally sourced 100% natural plant-based ingredients, so again no harsh chemicals like ethyl-alcohol.  

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