I’m not sure if I’ve ever written about a non-toxic liquid eyeliner before. I’m too lazy to check right now, but I’m gonna go ahead and say no because if I had, I wouldn’t have been searching high and low for one. Dudes, I’ve found one and I have to say I haven’t been this wowed by an item of makeup in a long-ass time.
In my opinion, natural makeup can rival any non-natural line out there. The efficacy, the pigments, the coverage are all on point. However, when it comes to things like liner and mascara, there’s still work to be done so I can understand why some haven’t made the switch over in this particular area.  But things are about to change because the liquid eyeliner from 100% Pure is 100% f-cking amazing.


I was hesitant at first to try it because I’ve tried the brand's mascara (which people swore by) and it fell flat. Flat down my face. But I'm so happy I gave them another go because this liquid eyeliner is a game changer. Whether you want a thin wisp or a bold cat eye this wand can do it all, but it’s their unique black tea formula that is just phenomenal. It goes on and stays on. I even threw water on my eyes and rubbed on it and it still stayed put!!!!   
Now why I know it will work for the masses is because I was not only introduced to this product by the loveliest Asian woman at Detox Market, but I’m a halfie and when it comes to makeup and eyelids we are the gold standard. Sorry, but you can’t tout that an eye product is the best of the best until an Asian person has tested it out. Our beautiful hooded lids can cause issues when it comes to smudging, transferring, and the falling down of a product so if we give it the thumbs up, you know it’s the real deal.    
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