Today, I thought I'd offer up a beauty hack that will change your brows forever and ever more.

Now, I thought everyone knew this little secret until I talked to our friend Lara who had no clue this was a thing. And Lara knows about things that matter, so if she wasn't in the know I have to assume you're all in the dark as well.

Ok ready?

The magic growth serum is.... castor oil.

Yup. That's all it is. You paint some on to your brows with your finger at night and leave that sucker on until the morning. Nothing more, nothing less. Within a short few weeks you'll start to notice fuller growth.

As for brands, there's a lot out there, but the only one I'll ever use is Palma Christi. It's super affordable and easy to find. Happy Friday and you're welcome in advance. 

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