I think we can all agree everyone needs a crisp, white shirt in their closet. It will save you on those days when you want to set fire to all your clothes. Now, if you already have a good quiver then move on to the next post, but if you’re like me and are always on the lookout then feast your eyes on this beauty from Tigre et Tigre.


Simple but absolutely perfect. The puffed sleeve, the mid mockneck - this piece will legit be your wardrobe workhorse. Under a tailored suit, tucked into jeans or a skirt, or how I plan to wear it: under a pair of overalls. You can rotate this top into any look. All day, every day. Oh and just an fyi - the sizing is a bit generous so don’t think you have to size up. 
This top is just one of the many amazing pieces from this collection. The brand is fairly new so if it hasn’t been on your radar thus far - you’re welcome. It was started by two rad chicks whose MO for the brand is to pay homage to Princess Diana's iconic effortlessly cool style. And Lainey, if you’re reading this you will lose your mind when you see their balloon dresses.

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