After I posted about Odacite’s blue aura cleansing water last week. I got a lot mail asking what mild cleanser I used before applying it. An excellent question and the timing couldn’t be more perfect because I was planning to write about this very topic today. I’ve gotta say, I’ve been holding onto this product write-up for a while because I wanted to make sure my love factor was off the charts and dudes, this one’s a winner. Without further ado, I give you aN-Hydra’s The Powder of Youth No. 1:


This tiny-ass refillable bottle packs a major punch giving you a total of 180 faces washes, so if you do the math that equals three months of skincare if you’re using it twice a day, which is pretty incredible if you ask me. So what’s in it?  Well, it’s filled with a water-activated powder that is packed with all kinds of A+ goodness. You’ve got amino acids that cleanse, vitamin C for brightening, French hyaluronic acid for plumping, and willow bark, which is a natural extract that contains upwards of 60 percent salicylic acid. 

But the real power player in this concoction is the vegan probiotic, which is said to be crucial in balancing the microbiome of your skin. Probiotics in the beauty market are starting to gain serious momentum so if you wanna hop on the trendsetting wagon, I really recommend this product. I have been using it since November and I adore it. My skin feels clean without feeling stripped away and I’ve noticed that my face feels smoother and looks brighter.

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