On this week’s What’s Your Drama podcast (click here if you haven’t heard it yet) Lainey talks about how she basically wants to do reconstructive surgery on her entire human body. (Lainey: obviously an exaggeration but I have been in deep research about cosmetic enhancements and if and when I’m ready, you will hear about it because I’m going to journal the f-ck out of any and all my treatments!) I am not there …yettttt, but my long time fantasy has always been to get a permanent lip color. I actually have no idea if that’s an actual thing or not, but in my dreams I’d love to wake up with a faint, pressed rouge on my lips every day of my life.    
Until then, I have to rely on lip stains. Stains are hands down one of my favorite makeup products. I love how the more imperfect your application, the better they look, but what I enjoy most is how they make your lips look like they’ve been made-out on for hours.  

Currently, my new favorite is Bite Beauty’s Outburst Longwear Lip Stain.


They just launched and dear God, they are amazing. The colors are vibrant, but it’s the hydrating formula that makes this stain a standout. Packed with ingredients like coconut, passionflower, and sunflower oil this waterproof formula goes the distance, locking moisture in and keeping its color power all day long.

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