You've got your duster coat, your bomber, your trench....but do you have your puffer?  I hate to tell you need something but the puffer, much like last season, is a must.  Sorry, it just is.  

There are a lot on the market but the one I'm feeling the most right now is by Montreal label, Norden


This jacket hits all the fashion high notes.  It comes in three fun colorways and if you’re down to hit up the men's section, you'll find three more dope-ass utilitarian styles there as well. The fit is that perfectly cropped oversized style and I know this because I own one. It's the sh-t.  The cozy factor is off the charts but what I also love is that it's super light so you don't feel weighed down at all. And wait, get this, it will keep your tits dry and warm from up to -25 degrees.

But there is a twist: this jacket is made from 100% recycled polyester. YAY no down!  In fact, all their pieces are from yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and when you purchase a Norden coat, you’re buying into their closed-loop production chain. So that means when you no longer need your coat, you can send it to their end-of-life program to ensure that it is repaired and resold or donated to someone in need. If the garment is damaged beyond repair, it will be sent to their partners at TerraCycle, where it will be 100% recycled.

Dear god, this is like the Nobel Peace Prize of jackets. 

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