I was on vacation last week in Newfoundland and it's safe to say I was blissing right the hell out, eating up all the cod a human can and submerging myself in the awe of nature. 

But ok, ok, ok, the other day we were on this boat checking out the fiords of Gros Morne and when I went to go take a leak I saw this picture:

Soooo graphic, right? That's legit red blood. Like, no blue water in a vial bullshit. F-ck, Newfoundland, you are so damn progressive!

Anyway so how does this all work into fashion? Well, it's just that we don't see a whole lot of vagina pride out there and that's why as soon as I get home I'm copping this Rachel Antonoff sweatshirt in, yes, blood red:

I plan to wave my fallopian flag all over town! Who's with me?