It's difficult to not get sucked into seasonal trends and for the most part I really stick to my guns and don't waver when it comes to my style. However, there is one trend that I can't help but love right now and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am all about....

The bike short.

I really never thought I'd do it, but it was my millennial bud, Blair, who influenced this purchase. She was all "get them" and I was all "I'm 40, are you crazy?!" And then I realized, f-ck that, why in the hell can't I wear bike shorts with a fly oversized shirt and sneaks? I've truly never been so comfortable and as you know by now, comfort reigns supreme when making any and all of my fashion decisions.  

Now, there are a lot to choose from out there, but the best ones in my opinion are the Nia short from Aritzia:


They are high rise with an elongated 9" inseam but what makes them a standout is the fabric. They are thick enough so that you feel covered up, but they also suck you in so everything feels toit. Not just tight, but TOIT. 

And if you’re looking for some styling inspiration and what to pair your bike shorts with – here are a few celebrity examples: 





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