My face has been thirsty as f-ck. As soon as the season switched it went straight Sahara desert, but luckily I have some products saved in my quiver for a rainy day and there it was ....this lonely unopened bottle of Fresh’s Black Tea Kombucha way in the back that I had totally forgotten about. And I gotta tell ya, the beauty gods came through for me because this bottle is exactly what I needed.

Fresh Kombucha Antioxidant Essence

This silky liquid is power packed with antioxidants that resuscitate your face back to life STAT. The kombucha aka fermented black tea helps to increase the glow factor while also protecting against pollution and free radicals. The hyaluronic acid, which you should know by now, maintains moisture and gives your face some bounce-back and then there’s Mandarin peel extract which is excellent to help promote a uniform even-looking complexion.

Just apply it to a cleansed face before your serum or moisturizer and ta-dow, your skin feels deeply hydrated. Now look, I know times are really hard right now and we don’t all have a lot of cash to burn but I will say you are getting some decent bang for your buck with this product. The bottle is a biggie and you only need a few drops; don’t quote me but I think you’d easily be able to get three months out of it.  

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