Lainey loves to say I’m “tampon poor”. But in my defence, it’s not that I don’t have them’s just that I don’t always have them when I need them. Fine. F-ck. I’m tampon poor.

Look, it’s no way to live. But all this is about to change because I finally heard about this super rad company, Blume. The company was started by two young sisters from British Columbia with the mission to provide all girls and women ethically made period products that can be specially ordered a la carte style and delivered to your front door with free shipping. 

What I love is that all the pads and tampons are biodegradable, including the wrappers and bio-plastic applicator. Their tamps are 100% chemical free and on top of that they don’t use harmful bleaches or dyes in their products. Their products are also BPA free, FDA approved, and made of 100% certified organic cotton and woven for maximum absorbency. 

That’s real damn good to know when you figure that the typical woman will have a tampon inside her approximately 80,000 hours during her lifetime. That’s one hella mind f-ck, if you ask me. 

Blume has also broadened their product line to other equally awesome, natural products like face sprays, serums and deodorants. It’s basically a one-stop shop for all your self-care needs.

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