If you’re a vintage lover you should know about Bohème Goods. If you’re not a vintage lover then you should still know about Bohème Goods. 

Now, I’ll be honest, I’ve kind of been a selfish twat over the years because I’ve never really wanted to tell you about the site. It was my little secret. But the secret is definitely out there now. In just a few short years, the site, which first launched as a vintage fashion and home eshop, has grown exponentially.   


The woman behind it all is Sarah Shabacon. She is the one out there sourcing, schlepping, shipping, and modeling all her finds. And dudes, I’m telling you, her style eye is impeccable but it is her personal fit that always blows me away.


Sometimes after looking at a picture of her I legit have to avoid mirrors for a couple of hours just so I don’t start feeling bad about myself.  But seriously, she puts together a look like nobody’s business so much so her followers started hounding her to recreate the vintage pieces she’d wear.  Andddddd that is how her house clothing brand Bohème was born.  

Sarah Shabacon

Each collection is inspired by vintage silhouettes and sustainably made in Canada in small batches. And because everything is made to order she’s able to customize for all bodies. While everything goes up to a size 22, if you don’t find your size all you do is drop her a note so that she can accommodate and coordinate with her two wonderful tailors, Carmen and Servan.  


She has already dropped two collections and today Sarah is out with her third. From a big mouldable brimmed sun hat to timeless trenches and blazers this collection is by far my favorite. It is all designed with ease and comfort in mind yet still delivers on the high fashion front. Is this stuff dirt cheap? No. But the whole idea here is that you are investing in pieces that are meant to live and last in your closet for years to come.

Sarah Shabacon

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