My aim for this column is to always find the best of the best and I don’t wanna circle jerk myself too much here but I gotta say, I did real good with this next find. If you’re like me and have never and I mean NEVER found a good eyebrow gel well, your search is over because REFY’s Brow Sculpt is here to save your entire life. (Thanks to my pal Caleigh who was actually the first person I saw use it.)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you want the gold standard approval on any beauty product that has something to do with eyelashes or eyebrows it needs to be vetted by an Asian. And as a person who was blessed with the Asian eyebrow gene AKA sad brows AKA straight hair that curves downwards, trust me when I tell you that if it works on me it will work on everyone.


I was blown the f-ck away when I first tried it out because no joke, this product gets all your hair standing ten-hut in no time flat. I don’t know what is in this formula but it’s the perfect balance between a gel and a wax. And it’s not only flake-free and water-resistant but the staying power is next level.  

What I also love is that this tube includes a double-ended brush. You pop off the cap and revealed to you is a comb and a brush. Use the comb to get those brows into shape and then gently use the brush to push and set them in place. Again, I feel like I need to repeat here that there is nothing like this out there on the market – it’s crazy how good it is.  


So let’s talk price. The brand is out of the UK and while the product price itself isn’t bad it’s the shipping that is painful. Not horrible but it’s around 25 CAD bucks. Oh and don’t bother looking for promo codes, I literally spent an entire week trying to screw the system and came up with nothing. So I sucked it up and bought two tubes in order to rationalize the shipping. Another good idea would be to bulk buy with a pal and split the cost of shipping. Point is, it is worth every penny.  

(Note: Sasha Finds articles are NOT paid endorsements. Paid endorsements on are always clearly marked. These are straight up Sasha obsessions.)