(**heads up:  a lot of the items have been sold out but there will be an ample restock at 12pm PST so set your timers**) 

Purchases with purpose is what I’m all about and Clay, a new endeavor that just launched this week by a Vancouver couple, is a company I plan to dump a lot of my money into. 

Here’s the 411. All the artisans of Clay are locals to Southern Mexico who create everything from housewares to clothing and get this 100%, that’s right people, 100 muther effing percent, goes right back to supporting these artisans and the communities they live in. For Clay’s first collection of curated beauties all the profits from sales will go to the Casa Compasiva birth center, which you can read more about here.    

There is one special exception amongst the grouping and it’s the Efrin Rug.

Look at that thing, it’s so beautiful, right? It’s sure to amp up any room, butttttttttttttt what’s more important is that Efrin and his family, who weave these rugs by hand, will have all profits directed to their 15 year old daughter who, right now is battling cancer. So all the funds will go to paying for her chemotherapy and medical bills.  

Heart just explode? Yup. Me too.

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