So how many facials have you gotten in the last 15 months? Oh right ZERO. However with things slowly opening up again I can’t express how excited I am to go give someone money to wash my face real good. But I will say one of the very few good takeaways from this whole pandemic mess is that I’ve been able to do a lot of my self-care and self-grooming from home. It’s not only saved me a bunch of dough, but it’s allowed me to actually create time in my day to take care of myself. I have trialled a bunch of face tools over this pandemic and after many, many FAILS I am here to bring you a major WIN. I give you…the Derma H Pro:


Okay, let me get the price out of the way. It’s not cheap, but at 500 bones you get the portable machine and the serum that goes along with it. I know this is an investment, but if you apply the math with the amount of use over time if you’re someone who gets regular facials, it really does pay itself off. But again, I don’t want you to feel badly if this isn’t in your budget. Don’t worry, I have another face tool that is super affordable that I’ll be writing about soon. So if you want to pass on grass today – all good – you won’t die if you don’t have this.


Let’s talk about this mini machine. The Derma H Pro combines 3 different skin therapies with 3 different wavelengths of LED and to be honest I have no scientific idea how it works, but it works and that’s kind of all you need to know. I have been using it for about 8 weeks and I have to say that my skin feels like it’s been restored. Things feel bouncier and more even. Where I have noticed a big difference though is under my eyes. I developed a pretty decent bag under my right eye this year and I’ve been going HAM on it with this thing and it really has tightened that bag up pretty considerably. I know Lainey has been using this thing on her neck once a week and I gotta say, sh-t is looking tight and right on her as well. (Lainey PS – it comes from South Korea and I’m sure you’ve heard, they’ve been leading the way in skincare for a while now.) 


The whole treatment is 20 mins and I use it probably 3-4 a week. I sit down on the couch, find something horrible to watch like The Hills and a few mins later my skin feels and looks great. I plan to continue to use this especially for upkeep in between actual real expert facials and procedures. Now I'm sure you have more questions so for more on how/what/why, head on over to W Skincare for all the answers. They are the only company in Canada with exclusive authorization to bring these into Canada so if you want to snag one it’s the only place to get it. 

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