In exactly four days I’ll be on vacation lying on a beach living my best life.  I'm only telling you this so you can be jealous – sh-t, I’m even jealous of myself because lord knows this winter has been hard.  It’s god damn March 23rd and I’m still freezing my bag off.  The only thing keeping me sane, other than my vaycay, is the spring launch of one of my favorite brands, DÔEN.  


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Look at these photos. Don’t you want to be that woman right now?  I want to be that woman. Sunkissed, prancing around without a care and wearing all those dreamy outfits.

I’ve written about the Cali brand from the beginning and I gotta say this for sure is one of my favorite collections. The beautiful ruffle details, the romantically swept dresses, the floral prints – I mean, this collection is the definition of 70’s bohemia which is totally my fashion MO.  It can be really hard to nail ethereal for the everyday, but DÔEN’s done it and I’m here for it.  All. Of. It.

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