Need a distraction? Wanna support a local business? Need something to just feel damn good and not so scared? Hi - I'm here for you.  

I've been holding onto this product review until the right time and because I think we're all in need of a little magic right now, this seems like the perfect moment. Let me introduce you to: Earth Connection Oil.

Earth Connection Oil 
Earth Connection Oil

Ok so remember a couple months back I told you we'd see a lot more products with probiotics and bacteria in them? Well, this oil is right on trend with the use of mycobacterium vaccae which is specific bacteria found in soil and does wonders for skin issues. I mean, do your own research but this specific strain is also being studied to track its effect on overall immunity as well as how it can help with anxiety and depression.   


Also included in this glorious concoction is the use of the mineral magnesium which as you probably already know is great for sore muscles and relaxation. So yah, basically this bottle is a one-two punch of f-cking amazing. I have been using it for months (I'm on my third bottle) and it's going to be a lifer. Not only does it feel super luxe and totally hydrate my body but it actually healed my eczema. No joke. I get this jank patch of dry-ass snake skin on my right hand every year and within the first week of using it, it went away. More proof? My man developed some weird sh-t under his eye last month so I forced him to rub the oil on it and within three days it cleared up. Oh and I busted out in hives not too long ago and rubbed this oil on and it totally simmered them down.  

Look, I'm not saying it's gonna cure all your ailments but for me, it's been a total game changer. I slather it everywhere - my face, my chest, my neck, all overrrrrr anything and everything.  

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