I go through waves of caring about my eyebrows. Sometimes I think it’s liberating to just let them do their own thing – grow wild, be mismatched and let them lie whichever way they’d like – but then the day comes where I realize that that’s just a really stupid idea. That day came crashing down last month and since then I’ve been really working on my brow game. The one product that has changed it for me is: EcoBrow.


Of course for any good brow, you need a top-notch defining brush, but those are easy to find (Anastasia Beverly Hills carries some of my favorites). Let’s be real, though: if you don’t have a good product to fill those bad boys in….you’re hooped.
And I’m telling you, EcoBrow’s defining wax is the best of the best. This mineral-based, smudge-proof brow line is as luxe as it gets. The smooth texture lasts long and has an impeccable cream-to-powder finish which flawlessly diffuses into the hair while also filling in any sparse spots naturally.   

Go. Get. It.

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