Two podcasts ago (ps. if you aren't tuning in to Sasha Answers - whyyyy aren't you?!?!) Lainey and I got into a heated debate about shoe trends because you know, we talk about really important things...

Now, while Lainey doesn't agree with all my shoe choices I think we will both be on board for my latest loves! I give you the dopest espadrille kicks in the world:

Silver! Stars! AND a mini platform!  

I'm telling you, these La Canadiennes are so damn cute and versatile, not to mention mega comfortable. I got them the other day and I can't wait to wear them with everything! From joggers to dresses these bad boys will take you all the way into fall! Yes, they are a smidge Spice Girls, but if you know what's good for you then that's why you'll want them too! 

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