If you're a clean beauty lover then you know eyeliner is by far the hardest product to get right. I have hemorrhaged more money than I'd like to admit trying to find *the* one. Sure, I've found some good ones, but never a GREAT one. So here we are in 2020 and I've finally done it. Cross my heart.    

People, I give you Evio Beauty's gel black eyeliner.  


What I love so much about a gel liner is that you can pick your own adventure with how you want it to look. You are not cuffed to the angle or tip of say a liquid liner or you standard pencil. You can pick whatever angled brush your little heart desires and play with the thickness/thinness of the line. What I also enjoy about this particular gel liner is that it doesn't dry instantaneously so you can go in and smudge it out with ease as well. The pigment is a deep, rich, dark black and it glides on like a dream. But the most important takeaway here is that it STAYS ON all damn day all with the help of some seriously standout ingredients like castor oil, grape seed oil, oregano leaf, and cinnamon.  

I'm telling you this little tub is the BEST!  And I'm calling it - this beauty pick is my favorite game changing product of the year. Yes, already!!!! 

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