Do you ever catch yourself doing something and think "Wow, I might be the grossest person alive?” For me, it’s whenever I’m showering, I get this sick-ass dead skin film that just sits on me. Like, all I have to do is lightly run my nails over any part of my body and I get dirt skin build up that unravels off my body with a great amount of disgusting ease. I've been living with this embarrassment for months and wondering if I was the only person who deals with this, and then one day an Instagram ad told me I was not alone, that indeed everyone is as super gross as I am.


Before you ask, yes, of course I exfoliate in the shower, but I was still getting these rolled up skin tubes all over me. So when Canadian brand Wildpier's exfoliating gloves popped up I was SOLD. If you haven't heard of this brand, get ready because I guarantee you'll be a STAN for life. Mallory, the founder, has battled eczema and psoriasis for most of her life and after years of trying all the things to relieve her dry skin conditions, she decided to explore different versions of exfoliation techniques and alas, this magic glove was born.

Each handmade glove uses a special kind of weaving design that allows for a gentle yet deeeeeppp exfoliation that visibly removes dead skin and surface impurities leaving your skin softer, energized, and CLEAN. All you need to do is immerse your body in the shower or bath for at least 5 minutes or until your skin softens, put your hand in the mitt and start rubbing the glove up and down your body using long and firm strokes.


What you see coming off your body is equal parts disgusting and amazing - I LOVE IT! I really never use the word "obsessed" in these columns, but I am legitimately obsessed and truly look forward to doing it every week. Now, big pro tip is to avoid using any soaps or shower gels before you do this because it f-cks with the direct friction of the skin. In fact, my favorite way to time this is by working out, then jumping in the shower: that combo of a heated up body seems to de-gross the best for me. Other than that, it’s so easy and so damn rewarding.  

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