How long have I been writing these columns? Almost a decade? AND have I ever written about an eye cream? The answer is NEVER.  
I’ve been sent everything from the cream of the crop to drug store brands and nothing has ever truly knocked my socks off. Yes, they’ve been moisturizing. Yes, they’ve felt decadent. But I’ve never tested anything worthy enough to write about. Dudes, today is the day. I give you Starry Eyes by Good Medicine.


This celestial eye cream is the real deal and the ingredient list is some top level sh-t in my opinion – it’s like Whole Foods exploded all over your face. This is really such a special little product, with each bottle made in small batches to ensure all of their ingredients are pure, fresh, and of the highest quality. There’s organic olive oil to moisturize, wild-crafted desert infusion to boost collagen and circulation, CoQ10 to firm and smooth out fine lines and my favorite ingredient has to be the wasabi extract which boosts and promotes healthy cell turnover. All you need to do is dab a small amount around your eye socket and brow bone and let it do its magic. I also love that that this product has this amazing warming effect after application that quickly simmers down any puffiness on the spot. And don’t be afraid to use this cream on other spots on your face – it also does the trick on your forehead and neck area.

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