If you’re already a fan of F. Miller then congratulations you can move on to the next post. But if you’re like me who has arrived at the party very late then stick with me because I have some things to say.


First, I should give major props to this Canadian skincare brand. Launching back in 2014 this all-natural, high-performing line has reached cult status. I’ve always known about them but for some stupid ass reason I never tested it out. However, over the break, I was lucky to trial some of their standouts and boy oh boy this stuff is worth all the hype. From body care to hair care, they’ve catered to your every beauty want, need, and desire, but I have to say my game changer is their OG face oil.  


Oooof. This formula. It is beautiful. I’m more of a lube it up cream kind of girl so using a face oil isn’t something I always reach for, but I am a changed woman. This potent blend of 22 active botanicals delivers in every way. Not only does it feel f-cking divine, it also works wonders.   

Randomly this year I developed two spots on my face that looked like little white heads. I squeezed and picked at them only to realize that they were milia. These occur when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of your skin, usually as a result of using heavy products. When I tell you I’ve tried everything to get rid of them – trust me, I’ve done it all.  But within a week of using this face oil the two spots shrunk to about 75%. Mind. Blown. 

You would think it was counterintuitive to put an oil on your face when you’re dealing with clogged pores but that’s a huge misconception with skincare because if you find the right oil then it can actually help balance out your oil production. Clearly, this is what is happening because every time I slather this luxe oil on my face it’s like I’m being punched by the best vitamins and nutrients.   

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