Now more than ever, fashion is merging with politics. We are starting to see that fashion can be an actual potent form of protest so I wanted to take this post to highlight three of my favorite brands.

First up, I’ve been on the waitlist for this tee forever but it’s finally back in stock!

This top by Mille is definitely putting the fem in feminine! The peachy hue is right on point for this season’s trend and will look dope tucked into anything! Choosing to speak with your body is a really powerful tool, but backing that sh-t up is just as important so with every purchase, Mille will donate 50% to Planned Parenthood. Boo-ya!

Next, a fist pump 70s style!

I mean, this slogan gets right to the point. But if you didn’t get the hint, well, just peep the back of the tee for another one-two political punch.

Finally, Rachel Antonoff (the sister of Jack Antonoff, the boyfriend of Lena Dunham) has a fashion label filled with RADical t-shirts. I love them all but if I had to pick, obviously, I have to go with the one that's inspired by rapper Khia’s banger in 2002.

And just like Mille, the brand isn't using this movement just to make a quick buck, they are donating a portion of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

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