Four-eye fog. If you know, then you know.  

There are a whole lot of piss-offs about this pandemic, but getting fogged up glasses is pretty damn high on the list. Now first things first, if your glasses are getting cloudy that means that your mask game is not strong. You need to have that sucker sealed tight to your face because if breath can get out that means breath particles can get in. I don’t need to tell you why that’s an issue.


So in short, get yourself a damn good well-fitted mask. It took me eleven months, but I finally found the winner. However, even when I’m totally diligent, sometimes if you go in and out of different temperatures or your body heat rises your glasses will still manage to get fogged. And one reliable way to send me into a full-on panic attack is having my mouth and nose covered by a mask and then my glasses fogged up. Might as well dig me a grave.   

Coming in for the save though is FogBlocker’s anti-fog cloths.

FogBlocker anti-fog cloths

Dudes, I don’t want to play out the phrase “game changer” but there’s no other way to describe them than: GAME CHANGER. This revolutionary new product was designed by biotech scientists (of course) and this one dry microfiber cloth can be used more than 500 times and get this - you can live that fog-free life for up to 24 hours per wipe. It's super affordable and absolutely, 100% totally works.  

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