I’m more of a cream bronzer chick, but as of today I’m a changed woman after trying out Folly Fire’s Hot Terrain bronzer. 


But wait up, let me backup a hot second because have you ever heard of Folly Fire? I sure as sh-t hadn’t, but I gotta say it’s now topping the list as one of my favorite vegan and cruelty-free makeup brands. If you’re a colour-hungry beauty-guzzler then seriously, you need to peruse the site because the brand’s M.O. is all about big impact with high doused pigments.   

Folly Fire Baked

Ok, but back to this bronzer. I copped the shade “Baked” which I would say straddles the line between an earthy bronzer and a burnt blush – a color mix you don’t often see in a traditional bronzer. Now, I wouldn’t advise using it all over but if you lightly brush the powder over the high points of your face like your cheekbones etc, you’ll get this warm, flushed finish. The shade is a universal color, but I think it would look best on medium to dark skin tones.   

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