When I was eleven years old I called 911 in a total crying panic because I had just been bitten by a mosquito and was convinced that I would get AIDS. Even though AIDS was in the news every single day back then, nobody really knew sh-t about it and many young people, clearly, including myself, were wildly misinformed. Flash forward to years later, and it’s breast cancer that’s fueling my anxiety – and maybe yours. It is more pervasive than it has ever been and while the advancements are incredible, I feel like a lot of us are still left wondering how and why and when it could strike us. 

Results from a survey of 800+ teens across Canada and the United States, commissioned by Rethink, showed that youth overestimate their risk of breast cancer and do not know the truth around the disease. That’s why I’m so pumped about the Rethink Cancer campaign #8008135. #8008135 (which of course spells BOOBIES on a calculator) is the first ever breast health bot built to bust breast cancer myths and answer questions related to breast health. Like, can the pressure of the underwire of your bra cause it? Or does the radiation from your cell phone by your chest put you at higher risk?  (Which, by the way, as a fully formed adult I’ve always believed.)

And there’s more!!! H&M has partnered up with Rethink and has launched a collection of 5 tees with all of the proceeds, yes that’s 100%, going directly Rethink Breast Cancer.  So make sure to get your TEETS into some TEES!

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