How’s your hair looking these days? Like a pile of dry-ass hay ready to catch fire at any moment?  Cool, me too. It’s week 10 of Rona and my mop ain’t looking cute, but don't worry because I’m here to save the day. Well, technically I’m not, but Jus by Oreya is…


Before I blow my load on how amazing this product is I first have to give props to our friend Lara for telling me about it. I owe her big time because this mask is the Mack Daddy of all hair masks. Right off the bat we need to talk about the nutrient packed all-natural ingredients. I’m talking everything from Ontario raw honey, avocado oil, b5 complex, root radish, and so much more. Each bottle is whipped up by hand and the result of all that love is a silicone-free, super-lux deep conditioning hair mask that will literally 180 your locks.


It's great for all hair types and you can apply it to wet or damp hair anywhere from 15 mins up to 48 hours. Throw that sucker in a bun or braid and when you’re ready to wash it out just shampoo and condition as usual. Now, I know you’re thinking that there is no way you’re gonna let a hair mask sit for that damn long, but I’m telling you this formula is like nothing out there. It doesn’t goop, it doesn’t drip, it doesn’t even feel heavy. In fact, it’s perfect for those days you’re looking for a perfectly swept up no fly-away zone bun or pony. It’s as close to JLo as you’re gonna get.    

So here’s how you get your hands on it, but heads up you gotta be quick because they sell out fast - they drop every Friday at 1pm EST on their website. I’ll be straight up with you, I hateeeeeee brands that do drops, but the thing is this is not a marketing ploy, they seriously just can’t keep them in stock. Oh and looky looky, guess what day today is?  

 Yup. Set your timers.  

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