Lainey and I are in a hair-growing contest. It all started late in the summer as she was walking behind me (because you know, social distancing) after we left Duana’s backyard. She got weirdly jealous that my hair was long and then proclaimed she would outgrow my length with ease. Again, I would just like to emphasize here I was just minding my own damn business trying to safely walk us home. Since then she will send me pictures of her hair, she’ll taunt and say that my hair looks short, and on other days she’ll text to say that my hair looks dry and bad.  


So here we are, in a battle of long locks and I’m not even sure what the rules and regs are, but you better believe I’m not gonna let her win this thing. Why am I telling you all of this? Partly because I want you to be Team Tong, but mostly so I can tell you about this amazing new hairbrush called Manta.  

It was created by a professional hairdresser after his wife suffered a life-threating illness and she lost all her hair. As it grew back, he wanted to make sure she could have a brush that would do the deed but be gentle and cause as little breakage as possible. So yeah, this brush has a lot of heart behind it as well.   


I got my Manta from one of my favorite online beauty shops, Kiss and Makeup, and I LOVE this thing! I do find it takes a little while to get used to, but once you get the hang of the shape and feel not only does it give the best head massage ever, but it really does detangle in such an effective way. This is all thanks to the flexible, flat silicone design that molds and flexes to the shape of your head. The brush also has 360-degree rotating bristles that really enable you to get rid of matted strands without ripping them out of your head.  

Will this be my secret weapon over Lainey? I have no clue. But I can tell you my hair feels great and I will never go back to a regular paddle brush.    

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