While most people in Canada are living their best Stage 3 lives, I'm in Stage 1 and will be until this all blows over. Dudes, we're in this for the long haul so this means I'm gonna have to start learning some new trades. Looks like I'll have to be my own personal trainer, facialist, waxer, hairstylist and manicurist. It only makes sense for me to share this journey with you as I find the best of the best products so please, if you've been sitting on some secret magic laser tool, a bikini wax that doesn't rip your labia off, or any other insanely amazing product hit me up at [email protected] or DM me @lostandfoundapothecary


Okay let's kick this "at home" series off with nails. Let me be honest, I love getting a pedicure, but when it comes to a manicure I maybeeee get one every five years. Someone who loves a manicure though is Lainey. Since the pandemic she'll text me every few weeks, "I can get my nails done now" and I have to yell at her to not go anywhere that's NOT ESSENTIAL. I know a lot of you out there are the same way, you want your damn nails done!!! So let me introduce you to this amazing new company, Mana + Cura.


You're looking at custom, hand-painted, high quality press-on gel tip nails. Look how good these things are!!!! My god, I think I'm a nail person all of a sudden. 

You can choose from a slew of nudes, colors, and prints, but if you're looking for something specific then you can email the owner who will customize something just for you. You'll get to pick from two shapes and sizes of nails (short/round or long/round) and each order comes complete with 20 nails so you can find the right size match for your nail. You'll also get application instructions as well as an application kit that comes with a cuticle stick, cuticle oil, alcohol wipes, a buffer and a file.  

Look, I'm still going to support and buy a gift certificate from my nail salon but until then I'm gonna try my hand at this new skill. At least, I'll have no problem booking appointments with myself.

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