Let’s talk about journaling. How do you feel about it? To be straight up, it has always felt super cheese to me, something you always see Insta “wellness” influencers talk about and as you know, that stuff repels me. So can we just call it what it is? Writing some sh-t down on paper. If we can frame it that way, I think I might just be able to get behind it.  


And look, if there was ever a time to feel our feelings this would be the year to dig deep. 2020 has done my head in and I’ve been trying to find a therapist for months, but I literally can’t get an appointment with anyone. So I'm sure you can guess where I’m going. Yes, I’ve taken to writing some sh-t down on paper. It feels like my only option at this point.

The Human Being Journal 

I recently received my first "journal" from an amazing small business that has just launched:  The Human Being Journal. It’s run by two wonderful female owners who created this idea in direct response to the global pandemic. With reports finding that 1 in 5 Canadians have been experiencing moderate to severe anxiety during the pandemic they knew they had an opportunity to help people. 

They’ve created a really beautiful tool to not only get people in tune with their emotions and thoughts, but it’s also specifically designed to help high achievers capture their life vision with guided, reflective questions. I’m only in my first month and already this thing is not letting me just willy nilly my dreams; they are actually asking for an action plan for each one of them. If I’m being honest, it has made me really uncomfortable. I don’t like feeling my edges, but I know that I need to touch them in order to know them.  

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