Look, I know, lip balm isn’t the most exciting product in our beauty bag, but now that we are knee-deep into winter, finding a good one is a must! So let me speed up your search because I’ve found the best one.


All you need for healthy, happy puckers is right in this tube! This formula by Canadian brand, Huna, sinks into your lips and right away you feel the hydrating properties kick in. The texture - oh my god the texture!!! -  it’s so smooth and lightweight. I mean, you know something is on your lips, but it’s not that annoying gummy or weighed down feeling.  

All of these benefits are thanks to the exceptional ingredients that range from organic avocado and peppermint to their own organically grown calendula. Now, you can of course wear this under your favorite lipstick, but my favorite time to use this product is at bedtime. Slap that sh-t on and you’ll have baby soft, supple lips by the time you wake up.
You can head to Green Tree Beauty to pick it up and the reason I’m pushing this site is because of the great social good that they are doing. One tree is planted by the company when you purchase this product and wait, it gets better, because Huna will donate $2 from every product sold to mental health and postpartum initiatives.

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