After almost a year of me writing only about my favorite natural beauty finds, you are with me now that this stuff actually works. Right? Like, there’s no need to think you’re settling for less or that the efficacy is sub-par, or that you’re making a compromise.

Okay, cool because I have to tell you about this amazing new concealer I just discovered by Hynt Beauty.

Dear God Almighty this is the sh-t. And I’m talking MAC, Dior, YSL level. This stuff is the real deal. It’s lightweight while still providing full coverage on anything from your dark circles to masking volcanic pms zits. It’s not cakey at all, in fact, it’s wonderfully whipped and creamy. And this one little pot has some serious longevity - a smear here and there goes a long ass way. And of course the best part is that it’s packed with ingredients that won’t seep into your skin and kill you. So that’s a plus. 

Hit up Hynt Beauty directly or for all my Canadian homies, head on over to The Detox Market.

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