Finding a good illuminator is trickier than it seems. They either go on too streaky, making it hard to blend or they are too damn rainbow bright sparkly – none of which looks natural at all.  
But alas, I’ve found the most amazing product that will easily get your glow on. Bow down to Hynt Beauty’s LUMIERE Radiance Boosting Powder.

Let me get the only negative out of the way – the brush. It fucking licks, so if I were you I’d toss it out and find one that’s better to work with. If you need a good recco on that front, my favorite brushes are from Ilia - they are truly beautifully crafted.  
Okay, with that out of the way, let’s talk about this hero of a product. Good lord, it’s so damn dreamy and best of all creamy so it doesn’t leave your face all dry and gross. Instead you’re left with this amazing radiance and damn son, when natural light hits your face…’ll freak at how amazing you look. 
My favorite area to put it on is of course on the cheekbones but if you run it down the middle of your bridge and the tip of your nose, you’ll get this amazing filtered effect. But don’t be afraid to dust it all over your face especially if you’re going for that all natural look. Trust me, you’re gonna thank me.  

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