As I mentioned last week, I'll be pimping out the best in loungewear by women-led small businesses until we are all allowed back into the world. Today it's all about InReverse.



This New York brand is serving up some serious modern athleisure style with their newly launched line. Now, if you've been reading this column long enough you know I get a high off of a 2-in-1 deal and that's why I need to own everything from this collection. Get this: each piece is reversible!!!! I don't know about you but this quarantine has made me realize that all my comfy clothes are dumpy as f-ck, so to be able to pull on something this cute *and* get multiple wears out of the same piece is currently blowing my mind.  


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One side is this amazing casual soft modal for when you're running around town (ideally, in our near future) then flip the switch to the other side and you've got yourself a stunning silk stretch charmeuse to up the ante. My Zoom meetings and house party app chats just got hella more exciting.   

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