I’m doing the same thing as I did last week which is to reup on some love for a brand I featured a ways back. Today it is all about JŪS by Oreya and dudes, I’ve been foaming at the mouth to tell you about this.

Behold JŪS Hair Cleanser and Moisturizer.  

Talk about a synergistic effect of magic. This concoction of all-natural ingredients will straight up floor your ass. You want volume. Check. You want detangling action. Check. You want soft-ass hair. Check. Check. Check. You get the point.  


These two products do everything you’d hope and dream of in a shampoo and conditioner. After my second day of using it, I was very WTF because not only did my hair look so good but it felt incredible. My hair has been absolute sh-t through this pandemic - it’s lifeless, flat and my scalp started to do some funky things. Hormones and lack life force probably have a lot to do with it, but in such a short time these products have resuscitated my mane to a healthy, happier state. And I gotta hammer home to you how soft my hair is. I cannot stop touching it.  


Now one thing to note is that the hair cleanser doesn’t lather up crazy. I know I know, I love a good lather too, but the reason it doesn’t is because the brand uses zero filler and the suds you see are actually materialized from sun dried apples and coconuts. NATURE!!! So while your instinct will be to use more product, give yourself a few days to play around with what works best for you. I like to get my hair really wet and then use three pumps, once I’ve worked that in I follow up with one more pump at the end to get it going. I have fairly long hair so you might not need that much. As for the hair moisturizer, a little goes a long way and it’s goddamn beautiful.  

So this leads me into price. I can’t lie, it’s not the cheapest set to get. I’m generally very, very economy when it comes to buying hair products but when you can repair and restore your locks to this extent, I will pay up. So if you have the budget for this, I highly suggest this. I can’t wait for all your thank yous.