As the apocalypse grows nearer every day I worry about two things: 1) Will Lainey survive? 2) Do I have enough tampons? The answer to both of those questions: no. Unfortunately for Lainey my period takes precedence and I'm being very serious when I tell you I'm stocking up on leak-proof underwear. No way, no how am I gonna add the possibility of toxic shock syndrome and/or bleeding out into the mix while I'm trying to survive; I do not have the mental bandwidth for all of that.  




But it's not just out of desperation that I’m stockpiling, I am actually a big fan of leak-proofers and have been incorporating them into my monthly rotation for the better part of a year. Never during the day because that's still a bit too progressive for me, but it's my go-to for the night. I won't lie, it's a trip to feel the drip, but there's something comforting knowing that I am allowing my body to do its thing without any impediment.  

My brand of choice is Knix. Not only do I love me a Canadian brand but in my opinion, they have the best product on the market. Their triple layer tech can absorb up to 3 tsp of liquid and I'm telling you, they are super comfortable. My preference is the high waist full butt style. You don't feel like you're wearing a mac truck in between your legs at all - the liner layer is so paper thin that you don't notice any bulk and I love how the stretch fabric snugs you right in. Truly, if you've been on the fence I really recommend giving them a whirl.

Be safe out there.  
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